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Cantonese Pinyin Input Software

CPIME 6.2.7 released. (2010/7/14)
CPIME for Android mobile released. (2010/7/29)
Current Date Input function has been added from CPIME 6.1.5.(2008/9/28)
CPIME is the Input Method System which converts Cantonese romanization (phonetic alphabets) into Cantonese characters. CPIME supports multi romanization methods such as "教院式 (教育學院拼音方案)", "Yale", "粵拼(Jyutping)", "劉錫祥(Sidney Lau)".

Download CPIME

Online CPIME

Ver 6.2.7 (14 July 2010)
Click the link to pop up Online CPIME. If you want to use CPIME on your application (e.g. Office) or offline, please use the following Windows IME version.

Link to websites where CPIME is introduced.


Below are the sample screenshots of conversion. It helps you to understand how CPIME works.

Our Point of View

First of all, we love not only Cantonese as a language but also Hong Kong and Cantonese cultures. As you know, Cantonese is a colloquial language. Therefore we believe it is more useful to input by spoken pronunciation as it is than by character stroke. That's why we decided to develop CPIME. We're very eager to spread Cantonese. If you are also interested in Cantonese, please try to use CPIME. In case you think it's worth using, please introduce it to your acquaintances. If you prefer, Your kind donation would be highly appreciated. We welcome your support anytime.

Demo Movie

頭文字P (Initial P), also known as 易拼 (Easy Phonetic)

頭文字P (Initial P) is one of the input functions of CPIME which enables you to input Chinese characters just by typing capital initial letters of each phonetic clause (syllable).

Date Input Function

History Input Function

Contact us

If you have any inquiry or request, please send your comment with this form. We would appreciate your support for CPIME: translation of this site, bug report, adding new words, taking screenshots in each Windows OS version (or language) and so on. We will reply if you add your email address.
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